Sunday, August 29, 2010

The New World Order

Economy VS Technology

As technology progresses it slowly replaces the need for workers, the idea that more professions are created is nonsense, all it takes is a mechanic to replace a whole assembly line. Right now we have the technology to replace all production and service industry, leaving only science, technology, entertainment jobs left! However if this were to happen, the cost of production would reduce so much, and the majority of the population wont even be able to get a job. This would destroy the monetary system entirely stripping the rich elite of there power!

Afraid to lose Power

The Rich powerful elite are afraid to lose there power. "Those who have power, are afraid to lose it..." Palpatine, Starwars: Revenge of the Sith. The progression of technology cant be stoped, so the rich have devised a plan to were they can keep there power, keep the monetary system alive until theres a way to keep there power. The 3 means of power is resources, violent force, and mind control. Right now the power of resources is only defined in money, until the system collapses. The means of Force is threw military power witch is combined with limited mind control. Right now we are mind controlled threw religion, media, and drugs/poisons.


So how are they going to keep there power when the monetary system inevitable collapses? Simple, keep the population dumbed down to not be aware of what there doing, while keeping the opposition of money vs technology in check until technology progress enough to were the power of force no longer needs mind control. In other words, a robotic army controlled by the elite who have been cyberneticaly modified to were only they can control them, and only they will know how to make them. It would become nearly impossible to defeat such a creation. After acquiring this power they will no longer have any need of money. They will keep there desire to enslave us, we will become there toys, there sick entertainment. And we will be so dumbed down we wont even have the will to rebel. This is the goal of the NWO!

How do we stop them?

Theres an easy way and a hard way. The hard way only a rich person can do, and the easy way will most likely never work due to how dumbed down the majority of the population are. The hard way is to commit economic suicide, to implement and replace all production and service industry with durable machines that give FREE service. Doing this will make money less and less needed to were it eventually dies out, this would effectively destroy the elite's power structure, the catch is it would have to be on such a massive scale that it would take a lot of time and resources, so that it may cover the entire planet's population. This shouldn't be too much of a resource problem as long as we get a self sustaining mechanized production force to constantly resupply.

Now the easy way that anyone can do. Is to simply spread the word, let as much people as possible gain knowledge of this, it doesn't matter what conspiracies are true or not. All that matters is this basic knowledge. And when the time comes, everyone you know will know this, and you can all team up and take this to practice. Stop depending on money, stop letting the guys on the street holding signs suffer! Think about the millions of people across the world that are in poverty, think of the thousands of children dieing everyday to preventable starvation. Food and shelter can be as abundant as air and water! When the time is right help organize a massive boycott, stop working, stop using money, instead give and trade. Only by doing this will you void the power the rich have over you. And if the boycott is large and long enough? Then money has become worthless during that time, all that's needed after that is to implement the hard step, but by that time you don't need to be rich.


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  14. Seriously? Everyone who's commented all have said positive things. No one's going to question the whole getting something for nothing thing? No one thinks that being as poor as the rest of the world that you brought up is a bad idea? And just so you know, the beauty of capitalism is that it spawns creativity. So, even if robots really do replace all jobs like you claim they will, new jobs that you or I can't even fathom will come from those evil rich people who are trying to keep us down.

  15. @ Sam Wilson:
    Somthing for nothing thing?
    Do your parents expect some oject in return for them taking care of you? Do you give to charity and expect somthing from it for yourself? Do you pay money for it to rain? or for the sun to give light to plants so you can eat? We can always think selfishly else we wont prosper as a society.

    Capitalism spawns competition, witch leads to creativity for that purpose, and the sole reason for it is money. When were kids, we come up with creative things all the time with little to no thought of money.

  16. First off with the exception of rain and sunshine, everything else you pointed out is a selfish act. Rain and sunshine aren't exactly economic elements, so I don't really know how to respond to that. Everything we do in life we do, because it is in our own best interest, including raising children. We have it branded into our DNA that one of the purposes of life is to carry on our seed. Our parents do things, at the very least, to satisfy there own biological needs. Making their children happy is called a positive externality, meaning it is an unexpected positive that resulted from another selfish act. And you can't tell my that anyone who has ever given to charity hasn't been rewarded by A. Feeling good about it. B. Believing that their good will toward man serves a higher power. or C. The publicity that comes from the donotation. Not to mention, you can take any non-profit or government organization and compare it to the investments in those greedy corportations, and the corporations have done more good for the world everyday of the week and twice on sunday.

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