Friday, October 8, 2010

Free Energy

What is free energy? Energy that cost no money? Renewable energy? Something involved with a 0 resistance 100% efficient perpetual motion machine? A generator that produces more output then input? When we think of Free energy, we want something that only requires a start up input, and continues to produce reusable energy forever or at least till the machines breaks down for what ever reason. Many people think it is impossible because of the law of conservation of energy. Well the law is true, but only to conservative forces, it dose not apply to constant forces such as gravity and magnetism.

So if free energy can exist, dose it exist in nature? Well we all know that gravity brought and collected mass amounts of matter to form planets and stars. Since matter is always pulling on each other, the heat generated inside a planet stays there, supplying constant magma flows and magnetic fields. Once a planetary body has enough mass and there for enough thermal energy, will then supply nuclear energy witch of course makes it a star. Then we have orbits, the Moon orbits the Earth with almost no resistance, in a way its a perpetual motion machine itself. There is two forces acting on the moon to cause it to orbit, gravity is pulling it to the earth, and momentum is pushing it at an angle away from the earth.

Magnetism is very similar to gravity except it has poles. Magnets can of course be rearranged to were the magnetic fields have one strong pole and the other pole nearly canceled out entirely, this is called a halbach array. It is possible to make a perpetual motion device from a series of magnets on a wheel. If you magnetically levitate a series of magnets with poles facing to the sides, and a series of halbach arrays on the outside sides that constantly spin the wheel all placed inside a vacuum chamber, the disk will encounter no resistance whats so ever and spin forever, assuming we have the technology to make a perfect vacuum of course. Now if we put a coil around the edges of the spinning magnets, the magnetic field will cause the electrons in the coil to follow the field thus producing electricity. Since the magnetic field is a constant force, the energy produce should be renewable. And if the inside disk ever did slow down from any resistance, we could place a motion sensor with a retracting halback array to speed the disk up again, this would take significantly lower energy than the total produced.

This is just one possible way we could build a free energy device. It is also possible to use the earths gravity or magnetic field as well to produce electricity, however both would be massive projects and both are implausible. Anyway this is just to show that free energy is possible, not necessarily the way to achieve it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Resource Based Economy

Some of you may or may not have heard of the Venus Project, witch hasn't officially started yet for reasons unknown, is were we the people that are informed and find out about it, help build towns/cities using modern technology, and setting up a self automated system of vending machines, robots, ect. So that the resources collected and used are plentiful and abundant enough to make the need for money obsolete. This would end poverty,hunger, and even power in the used region. A resource based economy much like what i wrote about in my first post on how to defeat the New World Order.
Now most people hear of the Venus Project threw the movie Zeitgeist addendum. Now both zeitgeist movies tell mostly the truth, however i don't like the idea of forcing religion out of the picture, though the movies don't really suggest this, they do suggest it on there forums. The admins of there forum tend to sensor anything that is directly anti-NWO, put that with all the other "debunking" information, you'll find that zeitgeist is just another NWO controlled opposition. However this should not debunk the idea of a resource based economy, there a only a few flaws seen in the venus project.

Central Cybernetic Decision: So the idea is, an intelligent super computer is going to look at all our ideas, the resources available, and the working technology. and put that together to make a decision on what to build, ect. With a few volunteers to watch over and help it out.
Problem with this is it makes power centralized, so for example if we were to convert right now and somehow most people adapted and liked the system, hardest for the very rich people, this would still give those power hungry people to put themselves to such positions, slowly change things, tell we get exactly what is happening to us right now.

Pacifist Society VS Crime/War: Ok I agree mostly that punishment doesn't work and rehabilitation(witch some view as punishment anyway) under studied working logic plus the change of the system that causes most crime anyway would work, People today have no desire to do what police officers do, to stop crime, there lazy and cowards. However most of us tend to break up fights when we see one getting out of hand or too far.
The main problem is the complete lack of military, why would a one world nation need military when there are no other countries to worry about? What happens if an alien race from another planet attacked us, We would need some sort of defence against them if they were to exist.

Schools: Just eliminate school all together, kids learn from everywhere, especially at home. We can replace schools with kids clubs and parks. Ive always wanted a labyrinth sized jungle gym when I was little. They should make adult versions of them.

Anyway the main idea is to provide abundant resources for everyone on the planet. Asmodeus from Watchmen said something on the lines of "if there were infinite resources, wars would no longer have meaning", then he gave up on finding anything like that and lost faith in Dr. Manhattan, so he destroyed several cities and kill millions, making the world unite against Dr. Manhattan and achieving world peace.
Well despite what zeitgeist and many other people say, Free Energy is possible, low-energy nuclear fusion is possible (cold-fusion/alchemy), and I will be writing about these in future posts.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Most Powerful people in the World

The most powerful are obviously the most wealthy. But who are the richest of the rich?

Some of you may already know of the Federal Reserve fiat money scam, were all U.S. money is loaned by the government from the Fed. at interest, and the only way to pay off the interest is to loan more money. Are they the richest? No.

Quote from

""The Vatican has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France and America, with the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States it has large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase-Manhattan Bank, the First National Bank of New York, the Bankers Trust Company, and others. The Vatican has billions of shares in the most powerful international corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, T.W.A., etc. At a conservative estimate, these amount to more than 500 million dollars in the U.S.A. alone."

Yes the Vatican, the head of the Catholic Church. It should be no surprise as during the Middle ages it ruled supreme over Europe, until it steadily lost power in the 1500s. Witch ironically was when the Jesuit order was formed. The Jesuit order aka the order of Jesus, is a military order, whose leader is the supreme general. Today the Pope has no real power its the guys with the gun to his head. I suggest looking into the Jesuit order and the history of the Catholic Church. Learn for yourself what was going on during WWII. They may very well be the true heads of the NWO, not there Illuminati cover that they created.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The New World Order

Economy VS Technology

As technology progresses it slowly replaces the need for workers, the idea that more professions are created is nonsense, all it takes is a mechanic to replace a whole assembly line. Right now we have the technology to replace all production and service industry, leaving only science, technology, entertainment jobs left! However if this were to happen, the cost of production would reduce so much, and the majority of the population wont even be able to get a job. This would destroy the monetary system entirely stripping the rich elite of there power!

Afraid to lose Power

The Rich powerful elite are afraid to lose there power. "Those who have power, are afraid to lose it..." Palpatine, Starwars: Revenge of the Sith. The progression of technology cant be stoped, so the rich have devised a plan to were they can keep there power, keep the monetary system alive until theres a way to keep there power. The 3 means of power is resources, violent force, and mind control. Right now the power of resources is only defined in money, until the system collapses. The means of Force is threw military power witch is combined with limited mind control. Right now we are mind controlled threw religion, media, and drugs/poisons.


So how are they going to keep there power when the monetary system inevitable collapses? Simple, keep the population dumbed down to not be aware of what there doing, while keeping the opposition of money vs technology in check until technology progress enough to were the power of force no longer needs mind control. In other words, a robotic army controlled by the elite who have been cyberneticaly modified to were only they can control them, and only they will know how to make them. It would become nearly impossible to defeat such a creation. After acquiring this power they will no longer have any need of money. They will keep there desire to enslave us, we will become there toys, there sick entertainment. And we will be so dumbed down we wont even have the will to rebel. This is the goal of the NWO!

How do we stop them?

Theres an easy way and a hard way. The hard way only a rich person can do, and the easy way will most likely never work due to how dumbed down the majority of the population are. The hard way is to commit economic suicide, to implement and replace all production and service industry with durable machines that give FREE service. Doing this will make money less and less needed to were it eventually dies out, this would effectively destroy the elite's power structure, the catch is it would have to be on such a massive scale that it would take a lot of time and resources, so that it may cover the entire planet's population. This shouldn't be too much of a resource problem as long as we get a self sustaining mechanized production force to constantly resupply.

Now the easy way that anyone can do. Is to simply spread the word, let as much people as possible gain knowledge of this, it doesn't matter what conspiracies are true or not. All that matters is this basic knowledge. And when the time comes, everyone you know will know this, and you can all team up and take this to practice. Stop depending on money, stop letting the guys on the street holding signs suffer! Think about the millions of people across the world that are in poverty, think of the thousands of children dieing everyday to preventable starvation. Food and shelter can be as abundant as air and water! When the time is right help organize a massive boycott, stop working, stop using money, instead give and trade. Only by doing this will you void the power the rich have over you. And if the boycott is large and long enough? Then money has become worthless during that time, all that's needed after that is to implement the hard step, but by that time you don't need to be rich.