Friday, October 8, 2010

Free Energy

What is free energy? Energy that cost no money? Renewable energy? Something involved with a 0 resistance 100% efficient perpetual motion machine? A generator that produces more output then input? When we think of Free energy, we want something that only requires a start up input, and continues to produce reusable energy forever or at least till the machines breaks down for what ever reason. Many people think it is impossible because of the law of conservation of energy. Well the law is true, but only to conservative forces, it dose not apply to constant forces such as gravity and magnetism.

So if free energy can exist, dose it exist in nature? Well we all know that gravity brought and collected mass amounts of matter to form planets and stars. Since matter is always pulling on each other, the heat generated inside a planet stays there, supplying constant magma flows and magnetic fields. Once a planetary body has enough mass and there for enough thermal energy, will then supply nuclear energy witch of course makes it a star. Then we have orbits, the Moon orbits the Earth with almost no resistance, in a way its a perpetual motion machine itself. There is two forces acting on the moon to cause it to orbit, gravity is pulling it to the earth, and momentum is pushing it at an angle away from the earth.

Magnetism is very similar to gravity except it has poles. Magnets can of course be rearranged to were the magnetic fields have one strong pole and the other pole nearly canceled out entirely, this is called a halbach array. It is possible to make a perpetual motion device from a series of magnets on a wheel. If you magnetically levitate a series of magnets with poles facing to the sides, and a series of halbach arrays on the outside sides that constantly spin the wheel all placed inside a vacuum chamber, the disk will encounter no resistance whats so ever and spin forever, assuming we have the technology to make a perfect vacuum of course. Now if we put a coil around the edges of the spinning magnets, the magnetic field will cause the electrons in the coil to follow the field thus producing electricity. Since the magnetic field is a constant force, the energy produce should be renewable. And if the inside disk ever did slow down from any resistance, we could place a motion sensor with a retracting halback array to speed the disk up again, this would take significantly lower energy than the total produced.

This is just one possible way we could build a free energy device. It is also possible to use the earths gravity or magnetic field as well to produce electricity, however both would be massive projects and both are implausible. Anyway this is just to show that free energy is possible, not necessarily the way to achieve it.


  1. I think about stuff like this all the time. Look up "perpetual machine" on Wikipedia sometime.

  2. This is a very insightful post, have you every seen a perpetual motion clock? The closest thing to perpetual motion/energy we've achieved!

  3. Interesting words.

  4. Thermodynamics rule out the possibility of a perpetual machine but "free energy",or rather minimal cost energy could probably become feasible.
    One of the ways would be to master cold fusion - or rather lift the censorhip that suppresses it for obviou$ reasons..

  5. Very interesting and I agree with a lot of what you have written here on your blog...hence I have decided to follow. One thing...the adds for games at the bottom...they seem to contradict some of what you say..I mean there´s games that promote violence etc...

  6. You seem to come up with more questions than answers. :)

    Great post.

  7. i like the way you write, putting all those questions makes the reader feel not like they're just being forced all this information, but like they should really think about it for themselves. nice post, following.